Tuesday, November 15, 2011

大山家 (Oyamaya in Musashino)

ラーメン 大山家


This shop was recommended to me about 3 years ago by a stranger sitting next to me. But I almost never find myself out this far west of the city center with time to spare for a bowl. Until today.

Good thing I had time, this place is a bit of a walk from Musashi-Sakai station.


Oyama is a Yokohama-style bowl... with a twist.


The soup, though the standard heavy pork broth we know and love, is laden with egg. とき卵, tokitamago, ramen is basically egg drop ramen. Top it with nori, spinach, and cabbage, and you have a fresh spin on a style that is usually an under-performer.


Add in an egg topping and you've got a serious dose of the stuff.


A solid number 2 on my ie-kei list, just under Yoshimuraya, the original shop in Yokohama.


Tokyo, Musashino-shi, Kyonancho 5-3-16
Closest station: Musashisakai

Open 11:00-24:00


Japan Australia said...

The ramen looks really good and that broth like heaven!

Japan Australia

Ramen Adventures said...

The photos don't show it well enough, but the blended egg in the broth was really great.

Cathay said...