Saturday, November 5, 2011

豆金 (Mamekin in Meguro)



This tantanmen shop was part of a ramen-fail day. There is a new crop of Japanese ramen magazines on the store shelves, and when I walked into a nearby recommended shop, the master informed me that they weren't a ramen shop at all, but an expensive izakaya that would be kind enough to serve you some noodles after your $80 course menu.

So I cycled until I found a ramen shop. This is said ramen shop.


The black tantanmen, though quite one dimensional, at least covered up the smell of the bathroom in the shop.


Perhaps the bad shop smell was a one time thing. Perhaps I just ordered the wrong menu item out of the extensive offerings. I won't be back to find out.

Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Takaban 3-19-3
Closest station: Gakugeidaigaku

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