Thursday, November 24, 2011

花道 (Hanamichi in Nakano)

味噌麺処 花道


Research is often an afterthought on the ramen adventure. Note down a shop, maybe look up their hours, and when the time and location is good, eat. Hanamichi's research taught me that the chef worked for both Inosho and Nakamoto, 2 of the hottest bowls around. Of course, this research was done after I ate their standard, spiceless bowl of miso ramen.


Free garlic, fresh and raw.


This is one thick bowl of miso. Intense and creamy, it would make a great backdrop for some spice. If I had done my research.


I bet these noodles, eggy and cooked firm, would have held onto just the right amount of fire.

Regrets aside, this miso is a contender. I'll be back.


Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nogata 6-23-12
Closest station: Nogata

Open 10:30-15:30. 18:00-22:30
Weekends 10:30-21:30
Closed Tuesdays


Anonymous said...

I'll come back here one day though 無極 nearby is also very good. Both are located 15 minutes bike ride from my office and/or my apartment. Absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Free vegetable on top of the ramen is an excellent idea!

Ramen Adventures said...

The vegetables are the typical bean sprouts and cabbage blend that is common. For some reason, a lot of heavy bowls will pile them on.