Thursday, November 24, 2011

花道 (Hanamichi in Nakano)

味噌麺処 花道


Research is often an afterthought on the ramen adventure. Note down a shop, maybe look up their hours, and when the time and location is good, eat. Hanamichi's research taught me that the chef worked for both Inosho and Nakamoto, 2 of the hottest bowls around. Of course, this research was done after I ate their standard, spiceless bowl of miso ramen.


Free garlic, fresh and raw.


This is one thick bowl of miso. Intense and creamy, it would make a great backdrop for some spice. If I had done my research.


I bet these noodles, eggy and cooked firm, would have held onto just the right amount of fire.

Regrets aside, this miso is a contender. I'll be back.


Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nogata 6-23-12
Closest station: Nogata

Open 10:30-15:30. 18:00-22:30
Weekends 10:30-21:30
Closed Tuesdays