Saturday, October 15, 2011

SOULMEN魂麺 (Soulmen in Setagaya)



Cycling along Kannanadori, one of the outer-loop roads of Tokyo, one would expect to find a lot of ramen shops. This is residential suburbia, and the loop roads act as the lifeline. Sure enough, you can't go half a click without seeing a sign. Today's most interesting sign was definitely this one.


James brown proclaiming the power of not only soul music, but noodles. What's up, 麺 (men)!?


I went with the expensive 鶏白湯排骨麺. Thick chicken soup topped with a piece of paiko. Paiko is usually a sub-par piece of battered and fried white meat (pork or chicken). Erase the sub-par bit, because its great here. Spiced and crispy on the outside, and the chicken meat is firm and flavorful. An almost perfect topping for the simple, yet thick, soup. At 1207 yen for the bowl, it is very spendy. A regular bowl will set you back 787 yen. Does anyone know what is up with those numbers?


Maybe 1207 and 787 are some sort of obscure Soul music reference. The interior is decorated with 45s of all your favorites, and the stereo bumps a constant stream of Commodores and Dianna Ross.


It should also be noted that the noodles are made onsite, part of the Daita Noodle Factory.

Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Data 4-6-19
Closest station: Shindaita

Open 11:30-15:00, 17:00-22:30

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Unknown said...

Maybe their prices end in 7 because it's their lucky number?

I love the James Brown signage though, pretty awesome!

Thanks for directing me to this link on this type of Ramen, I just stumbled across your site and boy am I glad I did. I love seeing the different types of Ramen out there not to mention very envious.