Saturday, October 8, 2011

三三七 (SanSanNana in Kawasaki)



My favorite ramen magazine is pretty much 99% Tokyo. Kawasaki city, just a few minutes from the transportation hub of Shinagawa, is actually in Kanagawa prefecture, even though it feels like it could be Tokyo. Luckily, said magazine shares my feeling, and throws in a bone; one excellent shop that is worth the extra few minutes south. A chicken bone, simmered for hours and hours.


San (三), san (三), nana. The above kanji character apparently doesn't exist, but maybe someone with better Japanese skills can enlighten in the comments. Following the theme of 3s, the shop offers 3 menu items.


A ramen and 2 kinds of tsukemen. Almost everyone in the shop was eating the 煮番搾り, a thick bowl of chicken soup, porridge-thick.


Onions in the bowl, onions in the soup, and onions on top.

A dollop of the concentrated, sardine-laced broth finishes it off. The entire package is intense.


Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki-ku, Kogawacho 9-7
Closest station: Kawasaki

Open 11:00-15:00, 17:00-23:00
Weekends from 11:00 until the soup is out in the evening


yuki said...

hi! hows it going?
im yukihiro and it is my first time to contact you.
sometimes, i have checked your blog to eat my fill in my stomach.
btw, i can probably answer your question.
㐂 is similar to 喜, so you can change it from (ki).
go easy on the ramens.

spiderman said...

yo don't quote me on this, but i believe that the character for 7 would be used for nana. make me so jealous that i am in australia and not japan

Ramen Adventures said...

The "nana" they use is a strange combination of 3 small nana kanjis. I thi k they just made it up, though from a design point it is nice.

Ramen Adventures said...

Since this post I have seen it at 2 or 3 more restaurants.

Steve said...

On my last night in Tokyo back in March, I had migrated from Asakusa to Kamata in Ota-ku in order to be closer to Haneda Airport. (Not that my flight was very early in the morning, but moreso because my hostel would not let me check out until 09:00, and my flight [ANA 1255 to Beijing{!}] was at 09:25.)
I wound up spending my last evening at Thrash Zone in Yokohama.
The music act playing on the television there was not that interesting to me, so I went over to the publication rack and pulled out a ramen magazine.
It turned out to be an old(er) issue. Koichi-san went over to the rack, pulled out a new, up-to-date issue of Ramen Walker Kanagawa [ISBN 978-4-04-731469-6], and gave it to me.
I'm still not that good at identifying kanji, but on page 106 of it is a map showing the ramen shacks in the prefecture relative to the train stations.
I comprehend & understand the map. 8=))
The private train operators are in a specific color. (Keikyu is red, Tokyu is orchid, Odakyu is blue, Sotetsu is lime, etc...) Anyhow, the point of this is: This Kanagawa magazine throws in a few shacks in Tokyo (Their telephone area code is 044.).