Friday, October 28, 2011

MAZERU in Akihabara



Cue the latest AKB48 single, turn up the PA system, and press play. Welcome to Akihabara.


The day I go for 24 hours without seeing some sort of reference to AKB48, whether it is on the morning news, 30% of station advertisements, or being played on the supermarket's stereo is the day I quit eating ramen. There are many bowls ahead.


Akihabara has had some surprises in the realm of ramen, namely Matsukaze. What else is around, I wonder.


The bright yellow sign, and the unmistakable ニンニク入れます (ya want garlic in that?) is an homage to Ramen Jiro. I avoid Ramen Jiro like the plague.


Of the 2 menu items, mazesoba and mazesoba with extra meat, the shop recommends the bowl with extra meat. Sure, why not.


This is the bowl with all the toppings. You can get more of any topping (cheese, pork fat, garlic, spice, and vegetables) for no charge, just ask for it.


Well, it was as heavy as it looks. I wasn't really into this bowl. There was a lot of liquid in it, which isn't what I want in mazesoba. I think of mazesoba as more of just noodles in fat and salt and flavor. Soup just washes off the fat. We can't have that.

It might just be that Junk Garage ruined me toward all other mazesoba.

Tokyo, Chioda-ku, Kanda Sakumacho 1-14
Closest station: Akihabara

Open 11:30-15:00, 17:30-22:00
Closed Sundays and holidays

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