Friday, October 21, 2011

神名備 (Kamunabi in Nishi-Nippori)



I can say that, as of this writing, that I have been to Kamunabi with the intent of eating ramen 6 times. I can also say that I have only eaten there once. Even this time, a hand scrawled sign apologized, "We will be opening 15 minutes late today."

Needless to say I waited the extra time.


The vibe here is very friendly. When I ordered the shoyu ramen with extra pork, she asked me if I would rather have shio, as it is a little easier to eat. I shrugged it off and stuck with the shoyu. By the way, the ramen with extra pork is pricey, at 1200 yen. A regular bowl comes in at 800 yen.


Don't touch!


Here is what came out. Honestly, I was a bit worried at all that pork. And it looks a little dry, don't you think? Eating a mass of dried out chashu is not a fun task.


That ends the negative speculation of this bowl. Turns out the dry appearance was because this flavorful meat is almost like a sponge, soaking up the dark amber soup. It's really good. Suddenly I could understand why this shop consistently runs out before the day is through. The first taste of soup is remarkably refreshing and light. Vegetable flavors come through in abundance. Then you go onto the meat, tender and juicy if you have pushed it into the broth. And by the time you are at the end, that light taste is back.


Other homemade menu items, like the seasonal onigiri (matsutake mushroom for October) and a couple kinds of puddings were enticing, but the 1200 yen is a bit dear. If you are a fan of chashu in your ramen, live a little, this place is up there.

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Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Sendagi 4-21-3
Closest station: Nishi-Nippori

Open 11:30-15:30
Weekends 12:00-15:00, 18:00-21:00
Closed Monday and Tuesday


CLF said...

so this is just the opposite of Tetsu eh lol....
when I don't feel like waiting in the lines for Tetsu, I'll opt for the corner shop on the way to Nishi-Nippori station, with the sign board writing 「白鶏湯」.
if you're going from Tetsu towards the station, it's on your left side.

Ramen Adventures said...

I think you are talking about Ittoku on the corner. It was ok, but Kamunabi and TETSU are 2 of the best in Tokyo.

takcook said...

glad you finally made it inside! I think their Chashu is top notch, some of the best I've had here so far. I'd put money on those spices go into either the marinade or the braising liquid of that pork. Tasted of clove, coriander, sansho... maybe I'll go back tonight! mmmmm. I liked it better than Tetsu...but I'm a brothy noodle slut.