Wednesday, September 21, 2011

辰屋 (Tatsuya in Setagaya)



Crazy, the chef at this ramen shop would not let a TV crew film the shop for a place on an upcoming TV show. Such is ramen in Japan. Some chefs just want to make their ramen in peace. Sorry for the upcoming positive review of your shop!


Tatsuya is another jiro-kei shop. Tonkotsu shoyu in the style of famed Ramen Jiro. You can tell by the odoriferous pot of boiling meat parts and the lack of women in the seats. Everyone ordered the Tatsu Shoyu Ramen. Regulars customized their orders by varying the amount of toppings and asking for curry powder. Be careful though, customization is only in the upwards direction of volume, and will only get a beginner in trouble. And even though I have eaten at close to 400 different ramen shops in Japan, I still consider myself a beginner in the world of jiro-kei.


As it comes. Brimming with hot meat liquid, the only way to eat this bowl is to slowly burrow through the mound of cabbage on top. Once you have achieved a tunnel in, you can start rescuing the trapped noodles. Do all of this slowly, lest you cover your clothes with hot meat liquid splatter.


There you go. The bonito flake topping is a great touch, adding some flair to a rather thuggish bowl of noodles.


You are not expected to drink the soup. You are actually not even expected to touch a spoon. If you can finish the greater part of the noodles and cabbage, you have done enough for one day.


Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Setagaya 4-13-20
Closest station: Shoinjinjamae (Setagaya Line)

Open 11:30-15:00, 18:00-22:00
Sundays only lunch
Closed Mondays

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