Wednesday, September 7, 2011

パパパパパイン (Papapapa Pine in Nishi Ogikubo)



What is ramen? What is a ramen adventure? The later question is a personal one, and to me just skipping down the street can turn into an adventure featuring ramen. The first question is a difficult one. Or is it a simple one?

What I am getting at is that sometimes on the ramen scene in Japan, someone works at a famous shop, then goes and gets crazy, and we all ponder what has just been created.


It should not take much to figure out what you will find in this ramen.


It pops up everywhere in the shop.


Why not?

Why not make a shio ramen with pineapple juice?

Why not top it with chunks of pineapple?

Why not soak the half-cooked egg in pineapple juice, offer pineapple-infused vinegar for flavor, or serve your ramen with pineapple flavored wine to drink?


Despite what seems like a risky business venture (nothing on the menu is pineapple-less), this is an interesting bowl. Roasted pineapple flavors mingling with salty is nothing unheard of, though this is a far cry from Hawaiian style pizza or a teriyaki burger.

Every flavor is light in the bowl. I went with the cold shio version to help me with the 35 degree battle outside. I think hot would be a better choice. Hot would be like flavoring ramen with pineapple. Cold was like flavoring pineapple with ramen. There is a difference there.


The egg is a ball of flavors. Order one.


The madman, Haruda-san, comes by way of respected ramen shop Kai.


I might not be craving this again anytime soon, but it is certainly somewhere that any ramen nut living in Tokyo should check out.

Check the video!

Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Nishiogiminami 3-12-1
Closest station: Nishi Ogikubo

Open 11:00-21:00


Bashico said...

welcome back:)

Steve said...

On the ticket machine, how do you distinguish between the hot and the cold?
They cannot both be in the upper left corner. 8=)#

Ramen Adventures said...

TO be honest, I haven't been in a while. If I recall, the cold was a summer limited menu. I'll probably try and go again in the next few weeks.