Wednesday, September 14, 2011

西穂山荘 (Nishiho Hut in the Northern Alps)



The next few adventures are going to be a bit random. If you are looking for reviews of ramen in Tokyo, bear with me. I took a vacation.

When one plans for a few days hiking in the Northern Alps, ramen is rarely in their sights. Let me rephrase that. Good ramen is rarely in their sights. The huts that dot the peaks of Japanese mountain ranges have food, of course, but it usually gravitates towards the overpriced instant noodle variety. This is expectable, since these remote lodgings are... remote. Resupplies are done via helicopter.


But lo and behold, the Nishiho Mountain Hut produces their own pack of ramen. These gift packs include soup and fresh noodles. Nice find!


The restaurant, sitting above 2800 meters, is certainly one of the highest in Japan. And the ramen?


After hiking through forests, over rocky peaks, and under the summer sun, anything with salt and fat is pure bliss.


You never know what lies around the corner.

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