Thursday, September 22, 2011

桃の木 (Momonoki in Shinjuku)

小麦と肉 桃の木


Translated literally, this shop is named Wheat and Meat, Peach Tree. I think we should stick with the Japanese name. Though, if you really get down to it, it is the wheat and meat that make this place neat.


Momonoki is part of the famed Setagaya group. Like most of the shops veiled under this ramen powerhouse, things get fairly unique here.


Tsukemen is on order, and I went a little crazy with both the egg and W-cheese toppings. By the way, the letter W is pronounced daburu in Engrish. "Double" is also pronounced daburu. No that you know you will see it all over the place.


Very refined. The soup is a bit lighter than other tsukemen shops, shifting the focus towards the excellent noodles a bit. It is usually tough to put light and tsukemen in the same sentence. This shop might be the exception.


The flat noodles are chewy, wheaty, and wonderful.


The chef instructed that the egg go in the noodles, and the cheese in the soup. At first bite, I realized that I had gone a bit overboard. This was a rich combination!


This shop is staffed entirely by pink-uniformed ladies. Adding to the lady appeal, a side tray offers aprons, hair ties, hair pins, and stain removing drops lest some tsukemen splatter make its way onto your clothes. Hmmm, which is more attractive though, a lovely lady with a flawless Hermes shawl, or a lovely lady with said shawl stained by proof of ramen?


Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 1-32-4
Closest station: Shinjuku Gyoenmae

Open 11:00-around 5:00 (until they sell 120 orders)
Closed Sundays and the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month

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