Sunday, September 25, 2011

味功 (Miko in Kokuryo)



What is Taiwan style ramen? Logic would dictate that this spicy shoyu ramen came from, of course, Taiwan. An inquiry with some native Taiwanese, though, reveals that there is no well known spicy noodle dish like this in Taiwan. Further research shows that Taiwan ramen actually originated west of Tokyo, in Nagoya. To make matters even more unclear, this shop has a few dozen different side dishes, most of which are very Chinese.


I would rather skip the semantics, and get down to the food. The menu at this unassuming corner shop does you the benefit of highlighting recommendations. With a few beers, a small group could make it through the entire list and walk away happy.


The Taiwan ramen. A beef based shoyu soup is hit with a spicy oil. Spicy is an overstatement though. Tangy might be a better way to describe it. At only 500 yen, this would be a regular eat for me if I lived out in Kokuryo, 30 minutes west of the main city.

The deep-fried eggs are an interesting topping.




Su-ra-tanmen. Basically hot (ra) and sour (su) soup with ramen noodles. Excellent.


The spotlight dish was definitely the black vinegar stewed pork. Having seen and smelled it at the table next to us, we wasted little time ordering up a plate.


Melt-in-your-mouth boneless pork. So rich.


As with many cheap Chinese spots in Tokyo, Miko has a large-ish menu, full of wok-fried eats and vinegar heavy dishes. But unlike most, the quality here is high enough to make it a local favorite.

Tokyo, Chofu, Kokuryo 2-3-6
Closest station: Kokuryo

Open 11:00am-1:00am
Closed Mondays

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