Wednesday, September 7, 2011

丸信 (Marushin in Ogikubo)



A sudden upheaval in my living situation meant that I was essentially homeless. But fear not, this ramen adventurer has some good friends in Tokyo, and I instantly had a place to spend my nights for the time being. And the icing on the cake was that this new abode was in Ogikubo.

Known as the locale responsible for "Tokyo Style", Ogikubo has a lot of shops. Most of these shops serve fish-heavy shoyu ramen, though they each vary in their final product. Having eaten at Harukiya countless times, it was time to explore some other shops. Marushin was on the list.


It seems that a hidden feature of Ogikubo shops is that they all offer wontons. Get your bowl with wontons. Especially be sure to order them at Marushin, they are excellent.

As for the rest of the bowl, it is a bit normal. Sorry, but when you have so many shops in the same style, I am going to choose favorites.


Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Kamiogi 1-24-22
Nearest station: Ogikubo

Open 11-17
11-15 on Saturdays and holidays
Closed Wednesdays and the 3rd Thursday of the month

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