Saturday, September 17, 2011

いっとく (Ittoku in Nishi-Nippori)

らーめん いっとく


Nearby Nishi-Nippori station on the famed Yamanote line is Kamunabi, a ramen shop that I have wanted to visit for a while. But their hours are strange, and this was about the 3rd time I had tried to go only to be turned away by a closed window shutter. Deciding to make an adventure anyways, I picked the nearest thing I could see. Ittoku.


The ramen here is a tori gyokia, a double soup of chicken bones and fish broth. This style is less popular than the similar tonkotsu gyokia, which uses pork instead of chicken. Actually, though, most tonkotsu soups use a bit of tori. Just semantics. Both styles happen to be amazing, and if I had to choose one type of ramen, it would be the xxx gyokai. Fuunji in Shinjuku could well be my top ramen shop. How would Ittoku fare against such stiff competition?


Rich and flavorful, but no where near as good. To make things worse for this shop, it is only a block away from TETSU, which was my favorite xxx gyokai shop in years past.


And as I said, it is also on the same block as Kamunabi, which I have not eaten at. But since Kamunabi comes highly recommended from a friend who is never wrong, I have a feeling it will be well received.


But I suppose, if you did not care to wait 90 minutes for TETSU, and Kamunabi was closed, you should venture to Ittoku.

Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Sendagi 3-49-10
Closest station: Nishi-Nippori

Open 11:00-15:00, 17:30-23:00
Closed Sundays

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