Sunday, September 18, 2011

えんや (Enya in Oji)

らーめん えんや


I never noticed this shop on my weekly walk to a student's clinic. Maybe that's because they have been away...


... at a ramen tryout. The ramen tryout shop brings me back a few years. I used to work in Tachikawa, way out in the west of Tokyo. The N.Y. Ramen Square ramen-themed food court was a usual lunchtime hangout. You had 6 or 7 regular shops, and then one more. With a chance at ramen fame, getting in is a big deal.

I guess Enya didn't make the final cut though.


I feel that this shop is related to Hajime, since it looks exactly the same. Minus a few things, plus a few. The distinctive green onion laced meatball is hard to miss.


Light shio ramen feels a little out of place in the alleyways of Oji, a part of town that is less of a destination, and more of a last stop after catching the 11:59pm train home after another day of work.


Maybe this storefront is actually the new home of future ramen tryout shops. Every few months, it will change, and I will never have to make the hour plus journey out to Tachikawa gain. One can dream.

Tokyo, Kita-ku, Kishimachi 1-1-10
Closest station: Oji

Open 11:00-22:00

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