Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pour cafe in Ginza

Pour cafe


Yamagata ramen was the adventure of the day, and the most notable place serving it in Tokyo is a cafe in Ginza.


Espresso with your ramen? Go for it.


The most popular ramen here is the Yamagata sui-ramen. A cold bowl, make that ice-cold bowl, that I don't really have much interest in. Moving past the soy milk curry and locomoco lunch sets, the Yamagata ramen (not frozen!) was an easy choice.

Map of Japan with Yamagata highlighted

That's Yamagata prefecture up there if you were curious. Yamagata is famous for red dye and expensive cherries. It's also one of the least visited prefectures in this country. Countryside life leads to hearty, rustic foods, and Yamagata ramen follows that thinking.


The rich soup is a bit out of place in posh Ginza, where the streets are full of nouveau riche tourists from other Asian countries these days.


But the rich shoyu soup is in no way out of place with me. It's great. I don't have many words, just that Pour cafe is a nice relaxing place to have a drink and a bowl of ramen. The flavor is very "meaty".


I managed to cross off another from my list. These days they come off faster than they go on. But they never stop going on.


Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 1-14-9
Nearest station: Metro Ginza or Metro Ginza 1-chome

Open 7:30-23:30
Friday 7:30-1:00am
Saturday 9:00-23:30
Sunday 9:00-18:00

Ramen is only served after 11:30!

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