Sunday, June 5, 2011

九秀 (Kushu in Hatagaya)

麺屋 九秀


How I ended up here, I can't say for sure.


A lone photo of a wine glass sitting atop a ramen shop flyer is the only clue.


It was late, and we had been drinking at a few spots around Hatagaya. Ramen is a natural hangover prevention tactic, and I'm sure no one in the group gave any protest. It's also a hangover cure. A panacea for all occasions.


The shop is in a hip neighborhood, and you just might meet a tattooed ramen-fan baby. Maybe.


One would assume that a shop named Kushu would be in the style of Kyushu, a rich tonkotsu soup. And that's what it was. A fatty bowl for the late night crowd.


99.9% of the time that I'm in this part of town, Dokkan is the bowl of choice. It still is, but it's nice to know that there are options.

東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷1-5-6 金井ビル1階
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Hatagaya 1-5-6
Closest station: Hatagaya

Open 11:30-1:00am

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Damon said...

Gee, we've all been in those late night situations! Nice and simple - love the review.