Sunday, June 5, 2011

九ツ家 (Kokonotsuya in Hachioji)



Hachioji is, yes, a bit out of the way. I was working out here for the day, and wanted to go to En, one of the highest rated shops in Japan. But the soup had run out, and I was turned away at the door. Such is the life of a ramen adventurer.


Instead, I went to the nearest shop, a Yokohama style ramen shop just around the corner. I like the name. Counting in Japanese is confusing. Though kyu means nine, if you are asking about 9 objects, you should say kokonotsu. Confusing, yes. But when you are drinking with a group at the 150yen beer joint, screaming out "Coconuts!" will get you another round of 9 beers. Try it sometime! I'm not sure what this ramen shop has to do with kokonotsu, or coconuts for that matter.


The bowl was nothing special, but the pork was close to the original ie-kei style in Yokohama.


I'll be back (just around the corner though).


Tokyo, Hachioji-shi, Yokoyamacho 22-1

Open 11:00-23:00


Ming said...

Their generic counters can come in handy especially when I can't get my "p" "h" "b" straight. When we are out drinking with friends in August I would like a demonstration of "Coconuts onegai!"; if it really works the round is on me.

Ramen Adventures said...

I've ordered "coconuts onegai" with as few as 3 people. Let's enjoy!