Sunday, June 5, 2011

克味 (Katsumi in Akebonobashi)

麺匠 克味


Thick, delicious tonkotsu soup is the specialty at Menya Katsumi. How thick? I don't think this stuff could be thicker and still be classified as a liquid. How delicious? Real delicious.


Katsumi hails from Nigata, at a shop called Naoji, a shop serving Jiro-kei bowls. Luckily, their Tokyo opening goes in a different direction.

I decided on the tonkotsu miso this time around. LV40. The LV corresponds directly to soup viscosity. Go thick.


Intense. If this is your first time here, choose the shop's specialty, a LV60, thick as mud tonkotsu.


More of a sauce than soup. Katsumi bills their ramen as NEO tonkotsu, a name that I'll agree with. But instead of an inventive combination of pork bones and other animal products, the soup here is straight pig. You'll see the kanji 濃厚 a lot. Noko means thick. I said, "mud" before. If the streets of heaven are paved in gold, the off-road motocross racing circuits of paradise are full of this stuff.


If it wasn't 11am, I might have indulged. Does your beer face look like that? How about your ramen face?

東京都新宿区住吉町8-10 ライオンズマンション市ヶ谷1階
Tokyo, Sinjuku-ku, Sumiyoshicho 8-10
Nearest station: Metro Akebonobashi

Open 11:00-23:00
Sundays until 22:00

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