Friday, May 20, 2011

吹田ラーメン (Suita Expressway Stop Ramen)



Golden Week is a special time of year in Japan. Special because it's one of the 3 big holiday weeks. Along with Obon and New Years, this is when people get to take a holiday. I am no exception, and I took a 10 day trip to the island of Shikoku. Although my trip was dedicated to the Daishi, I made sure to make time for the dashi.

If you get that reference, leave a comment. Otherwise read on to hear about some mediocre highway rest stop ramen.


I'm not aware of the Suita area having it's own style of ramen. I'm not even sure where Suita was, no that I am back from my trip. Somewhere near Osaka.


Shoyu that served it's purpose, to fill me up.


Japan's highway system is scattered with parking areas. Since you cannot get on and off the highways without paying the extortion-like tolls, people need a convenient place to eat. These road stops often boast a lot of local flavors, making a cross country trek a bit of a gourmet adventure. But I have yet to have a really good bowl. Preliminary research shows nothing. But I'll keep riding, and I'll keep eating.


rudeivan said...

Hey Brian-- I've been to Kukai's birthplace, and the dashi for udon is good there. Didn't have any memorable ramen, but I may not have looked in the right places.
Thanks for the updates, I spend painful minutes salivating over ramen every time the bowl looks good. Closest thing to where I am is ramen in NYC, which can be good, but in the end its New York ramen: trendy and pricey.

Ramen Adventures said...

Of the 4 prefectures in Shikoku, Kagawa seemed the least interested in ramen. I saw a couple udon shops with 100+ lines though.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't get the reference but here's a stab: dashi I know from cooking and its relevance with ramen broth is obvious but daishi... as in great master?