Monday, May 23, 2011

しまなみ苑 (Shimanamien in Ehime)



There is a zero-point-small-amount percent chance you will make it to this shop. It's located on a remote island in the Seto Inland Sea. My adventure was not to this shop, but to visit a friend living on that remote island. A friend who's family has been making fish cakes for hundreds of years.


He knows my obsession with noodles. And though I would have been happy with eating the local fish, he insisted on noodles.


A very Chinese taste, with various fruits of the sea thrown on as toppings. It was nice, though I kind of pity my friend, since this is one of only a couple choices for ramen in a 100km radius. Poor guy has to be content eating fresh sushi and local farm produce everyday. Maybe I don't pity him that much.

Ehime-ken, Imabari, Yoshiumicho 173-1

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