Monday, May 16, 2011

東京ラーメンストリートのお土産(Ramen Giftpack from the Tokyo Ramen Street)



A month without internet, and my regular postings had to wait. But one thing that could not wait was this gift box I was given at the Tokyo Ramen Street opening event. Usually these contain 3 servings of ramen, with fresh noodles and concentrated soup. I have no idea why it's usually 3. But this one, produced by the excellent Junk Garage, contains only a single serving of the good stuff.


Famous first for their noodles, you get a handful of them. The instructions are long. Cook and serve is not in the cards. Be sure you warm your bowl?!

When cooking noodles for this long, there is a lot of room for error. I think I did mine for about 10 minutes. Right on point.


The soup is vacuum packed and straight from the shop. Simply boil the bag, open, and enjoy.


And enjoy you will.


Anonymous said...

I thought you was dead!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're still alive.