Saturday, May 21, 2011

いのたに (Inotani in Tokushima)

中華そば いのたに


Tokushima ramen. And this is the shop that started it all.

Map of Japan with Tokushima highlighted

Tokushima is located on the eastern coast of Shikoku. From a food point, the island is most noted for it's udon, mikan oranges, and katsuo tuna. All of which are excellent.

Inotani decided to break ground though, and now there are countless Tokushima-style ramen shops around the prefecture. But make no argument, this is the spot where it all started.


Very crowded. Nearby is both a ferry port and a bridge connecting Shikoku to the mainland, so this shop is a bit of a destination for people visiting. The parking lot in front was filled with motorcycle riders. My kind of place.


What constitutes Tokushima ramen? It's a deep shoyu soup topped with fried pork and a raw egg. A lot of hot oil on top keeps everything piping.


Dip the noodles into the raw egg and forget all about oranges and fish.


U-what now?


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Tokushima-ken, Tokushima-shi, Nishidaikumachi 4-25
Nearest station: Tokushima

Open 10:30-17:00
Closed Mondays


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Post! Should the title read "in Tokushima"?

Ramen Adventures said...

Fixed it. There's a lot of shimas in this country!