Monday, April 4, 2011

チャリティ ラーメン@凪 (Charity Ramen at Nagi)


The ramen aid initiative is coming along. For the time being, some shops are going up to the disaster area in the Tohoku area and serving ramen. But more is in the works. It will take a lot of organization, time, and money.


Nagi did a special soup for their fundraising day. 仙台豚汁ラーメン is a heartwarming mix of ramen and tonjiro. Tonjiro is a pork and vegetable soup that I ate almost everyday when I was working in a Japanese Junior High. Salty shoyu, sweet mirin, and umami dashi soak into the chunks of carrot and daikon radish.


Typical tonkotsu soup will be too difficult to make up in Sendai. The amount of fuel needed to simmer pork bones for days on end is simply too much. Shops will have to forgo their typical recipes and focus more on quantity.


Tonjiro is usually just a soup. A side dish. With Nagi's thick noodles, it became the main course.


Great work guys.


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