Tuesday, March 8, 2011

無鉄砲 (Muteppo in Nakano)



Muteppo is highly ranked. Sure, there are a dozen or so publications and websites with ramen rankings, but when your shop is on almost all of them, there's got to be something special about it.


Less than 6 months old, they already have a devout following. All I knew going in was that it is a tonkotsu shop. I was expecting creamy white soup with the standard toppings.


The staff asked how I wanted my noodles cooked. A usual question. But then, they asked if seiabura, back fat, was ok. That is definitely not a standard tonkotsu question. Of course, I accepted.


Wow. Intense hardly describes what is going on here.

The shop uses over 300kg of roasted pork bones a day. You can bet the impact is there. This is the definition of kotteri, thick and rich.


Top it with some soy marinated garlic slices.


My apologies to anyone sitting next to me on the train.


Another bonus, you can order a free side of light soup to add. Choose from either a fish broth or a light tonkotsu broth.


For certain one of the most intense tonkotsu ramens out there.

By the way, according to their website, they have a branch in Sydney. Any ramen adventurers down under? I'd love to here about it.

Check out my video review here!

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