Thursday, March 3, 2011

Le Parc in Ebisu

Le Parc


Met up with a fellow foodie a couple days after he ran the Tokyo marathon. Ramen without a plan was the... plan. Using one of my many ramen magazines, we found ourselves at Le Parc, near Ebisu station.


With all the French writing, and mentions of Hong Kong, we weren't sure if we were at a ramen shop.


Still not sure. The tuxedoed waitresses, table cloths, and fancy air of the place would indicate otherwise. But sure enough, like most places serving Chinese food, Le Parc has some noodles on the menu.


Simple. The broth is one you know if you've ever had won ton soup. In fact, everything in this bowl, except for the noodles, had that common Chinese soup taste. Very decent bowl, and at only 900 yen with sides and desert, it was much less than expected. It looks like they have a shrimp won ton ramen at dinner time. Might be worth a trip back.

By the way, this shop is fairly well known for their dim sum. We didn't have a chance to try any of that.

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