Thursday, February 10, 2011

School Food in Takadanobaba

School Food


The Tokyo Ramen Guide is a book I wrote recently. Don't get your hopes up, it's just a Tokyo pocket atlas, with a little post-it note for every shop that I want to try in the future. But, alas, I usually only write the name and address, not the shop's hours. So TMD420G (that's the ramen shop's name) was closed when I arrived. Further research indicated that it is actually closed for good. The ramen radar pointed me to the nearest noodle-serving shop. School Food?


韓国料理, Koean food. Maybe they have some ramyeon. They sure have a lot of K-pop posters.


And they sure have a lot of Jinro.


There it is. I ordered a bowl of ramen and a side of kimchi gimbap. I watched as the chef opened a packet of dried instant ramen.


The addition of eggs and greens didn't bring this bowl to any higher state. Don't get me wrong, Korean instant noodles are a go-to winner for an easy bite. It really should have been just 300 yen though, 500 is a bit pricey for what was served.

No info, but found this tasty looking shop with the same name in NY and Korea. Obviously a different place.


Kyle said...

Well, to be fair, they *did* kinda warn you... "School Food" and all.

Kyle said...

Also, when you get around to publishing your book... you could make it just like that Tokoy Pocket Atlas with Post-It notes inside! Could be a neat gimmick to work out.

..."zyglize" (my word verification word for this comment)