Wednesday, February 23, 2011

北の大地 (Kitanodaichi in Shinjuku)

蝦夷らーめん 北の大地


Sorry for the lack of new reviews of late. Somehow, February filled up with work faster than a line at a new Ramen Jiro shop. With a total of 3 days off this month, and 2 of those already spoken for with out of town hiking, searching out new ramen shops has taken a bit of a break. And to continue the apologies; sorry for this review! The adventure behind this shop is based on the fact that it is close to a major bookstore, where I was perusing ramen mags.


Kitanodaichi is stuffed into one of the hundreds of buildings in the area around Shinjuku station. The menu has a few choices, though the 北 - kita in the title pushed me to try one of their miso offerings.


Cheese and mushroom miso ramen. The mushrooms were a nice touch, and I'd like to see them paired with miso more often. The rest of the bowl was rather normal.


Better reviews on the way!

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