Monday, January 10, 2011

大勝軒 (Taishoken in Numazu)



Numazu is a bustling, rather unattractive town at the base of Mt. Fuji. I know it as the place were one must exit the freeway and drive through traffic for an hour to get to the excellent roads and views of the Izu Peninsula. To my surprise, on the way down to an annual motorcycle adventure, there was a massive line waiting for ramen. I took a mental note, as I would pass this intersection on the return trip.


Return I did, and sure enough, the 30 minute wait was for a branch of Taishoken. For those not in the know, Taishoken basically invented tsukemen. Now, there are thousands of shops making this concept their own, with innovative as well as classic touches.


It was opening weekend, so for only 500 yen you could get your bowl.


Its good stuff. I'd probably bring down a slew of hate mail if I said otherwise. Recently, I've eaten many bowls like this, but I tried to think of what makes this bowl stand out. I'd say its the fishy taste. Unlike the roasted fish taste of Fuunji, Taishoken is more fishy fishy. A little yuzu in the soup melds nicely.


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PudgyM29 said...

Numazu's other main attraction is the original Baird Brwg. Taproom [since 2000].
Baird has since opened three additional Taproom locations in metropolitan Tokyo: Nakameguro, Harajuku, & now Bashamichi (Yokohama). [Back parse from the above link to view those.]
Some of the Baird beers are imported to the U.S.A. Last week, I learned about a beer bar on the northwest side of Chicago which had a keg of a Baird beer. They are very good. I would dare scribe they are more flavorful than the Hitachino Nest beers which are a little more common here.