Wednesday, January 26, 2011

航海屋 (Kokaiya in Shinjuku)



Kokaiya was recommended in the comments of an entry I wrote many months ago. Like all suggestions, it went onto the list. On an adventure to check out a possible new apartment in downtown Shinjuku, I managed to check this shop off.


The shop is known for the chashu. Everywhere you look is a reminder that they were on TV. However, the yellowing magazine articles and dated look of the TV appearance make me question if they are as good as "advertised".


I ordered the standard chashumen, ramen with extra pork, after the shop staff wandered over and tried in their best English to explain what ramen is to me. This time they didn't ask me if I could use chopsticks. It happens more than I'd like to admit!


Quite nice. Of course, the chashu is great. You can order a double serving of meat, which I recommend doing. Cover that bowl up. As for the rest of the bowl, it's a basic shoyu. Nothing amazing. Warm and nourishing on a cold day.


Lunch gets you a free bowl of pork rice, made with the left over bits of pork that weren't beautiful enough to go into the ramen.


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m✩e said...

I saw the bowl of rice on Flickr and just stared at it for ever. O.O It looks so yummy.
I love your pictures.