Monday, January 31, 2011

愛宕 (Atago in Shimbashi)

京鰹節つけ麺 愛宕


I taught my weekday student a new word today. Exhausted. As in I think we have exhausted our resources for good ramen in the area where we have our lesson. But my ramen magazine had one remaining shop buried in the back pages. Atago was only a few minutes away. Since it was buried in said back pages, I was a little skeptical.


Until we found it. This is one beautiful shop. The all black interior is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Shimbashi. The trip hop playing on the stereo is a welcome break from the usual J-Pop that many shops play. The line was long enough to indicate popularity, but short enough so that we could get inside out of the cold.


Everything about this place is great.


Atago's main star is their katsuo from Kyoto. The fish base for almost anything with a Japanese taste, katsuo is obviously an important part of many ramen recipes. And many would argue that the cream of the crop comes from Kyoto.


The supporting ingredient is the goma tamago, eggs from chickens raised on a sesame seed diet.

Day or night, you'll be getting a taste of these two. But during the daytime, a chicken soup base is used, while night brings in a pork base soup. Since it was lunch, chicken was on the menu.


Superb. Like I said, everything about this shop is great. The ramen was no exception. The fishy flavors really pop. And the egg is, as expected, great. Apparently it's healthier as well.


I recommend a nice dollop of spicy oil.


After eating, you can stroll over to nearby Atago Shrine for some culture.



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