Wednesday, January 19, 2011

悪代官 (Akudaikan in Koiwa)

江戸川ヌードル 悪代官


Some ramen adventures are about finding an excellent bowl of noodles. Some, on the other hand, are just about finding the most shocking, craziest thing you can think of. I came across this picture in a recently published magazine.


北アルプス盛 - Japan's Northern Alps Size. That's a bowl of ramen, topped with a deep fried pork fillet, deep fried chicken pieces, an entire Bunashimeji mushroom, curry sauce, tartar sauce, extra garlic, and maybe an egg or two. I'm here for the scoop, at the expense of my health.


Scanning the menu, I didn't see it. Alas, they have stopped serving what could be the most unhealthy ramen in Tokyo.


Though the secret menu at the bottom is a nice touch. I got the 20 yen salad, which was just some shredded cabbage. Maybe the 20 yen rice topped with a 20 yen spicy egg would have been better.


As for the ramen, I went with the special ぬーどる, noodle. Not the Northern Alps...


but maybe the Southern Alps. This bowl still had the fried chicken, multiple pieces of chashu, tartar sauce, egg, and some thick thick pork soup. And a piece of nori bigger than my face.

Well, it was what it was. I've never liked tartar sauce in any cuisine, and when it mixed into the soup the resulting mayo X tonkotsu was a bit much for me. If you are a fan of Ramen Jiro, you might like this one more than I did.


PudgyM29 said...

Is my ability to read Japanese getting better; if I relate I think the spicy boiled egg is ¥50, not ¥20? ;=S#

Ramen Adventures said...

The one for 50 yen is "Kid's Noodles". Not a bad price to feed the young ones.