Tuesday, December 21, 2010

naginicai ランチ(Nagi Nicai Lunch in Shinjuku)


Nagi Nicai is a very relaxing place in the evenings. Almost like an izakaya. But for lunch, it's a busy tsukemen shop.


All they have on the menu is tsukemen. You can choose regular noodles, or the shops homemade momen. Feeling adventurous, both Daniel and I went with the unknown.


A nice touch is the bowl of pickled ginger to cleanse your palette.


I had the meat version, with an excellent piece of grilled chicken.


The momen noodles are wide and long. It's like eating lasagna noodles. A unique bowl indeed.


The taste was good, but a bit hard to eat. If I came back for lunch I'd get the regular noodles.

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Quan said...

The first shot of the bowl looks incredible!