Tuesday, December 28, 2010

春道 (Harumichi in Shinjuku)

俺の麺 春道


Double soups are all the rage these days, but Harumichi takes it a step further. I teamed up with a few of the Bassanova staff to check it out.


Triple soup. Going even further, its a pork x chicken x gyokai soup by day, and a pork x chicken x niboshi soup at night. It was still technically lunch, as we arrived just before 3:30pm.


It looks like the noodles are cooked in the gyokai broth. A nice touch.


This was a great bowl. Tonkotsu gyokai at it's best. I judge this type of ramen by the subtleties. Harumichi had a nice creamy undertone.


Shuga approves.


Even the egg was top notch.


It's becoming difficult to pick a favorite shop in Shinjuku.

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