Wednesday, December 1, 2010

バリバリジョニー (Bari Bali Johnny in Koiwa)

らー麺屋 バリバリジョニー


My adventure of the day was to Koiwa, a little station about 20 minutes east of more central Tokyo. When I reached into my bag to get my atlas, with it's cataloged recommendations, I suddenly realized that it was at home. Probably still open to the Koiwa page. Lucky for me, the 7-11 has the new Ramen Walker in stock, and a plan B was no problem.


Bari Bali was a good find. The relaxed atmosphere is offset by the complexity of the ticket machine. What to order?


A Thai inspired green curry ramen? With a level 5 spiciness? The choice wasn't hard.


Much like Bassanova, it starts with a green curry paste, then adds the main soup. The soup is very different though. More of a vegetable soup than anything else.


Very refreshing. I'd give it 2 stars of spice though.


The chef greeted me in English, and it turns out that Johnny, as he is called, spent much of his youth in Los Angeles. Fond memories of ramen in his childhood, he set off to recreate what he loved.


No, the Thai ramen wasn't a memory of his past. It was simple shio that he wanted to succeed at. Could I eat another bowl?


You bet! It's different than your average shio. Bari Bari nice! Apparently the taste changes throughout the day, and a lunchtime bowl will be a lot weaker in taste.


Besides some great noodles, this place is very relaxed. Johnny takes liberties with the choice of music, and a big screen TV on the wall was blasting American hip hop.

When you go, tell him I sent you!