Tuesday, November 9, 2010

凪西新宿店 (Nagi Niboshi in Shinjuku)

特級中華そば 凪


A last minute invitation to attend a Soka Gakkai event had me out the door at 11am on my day off*. I decided to precede the religion adventure with one a bit more worldly. A ramen adventure worthy of praises on high!


Or at least something convenient on the way.

Located in the same building as Nagi Nicai, this ground level Nagi (nagi icai?) does a powerful niboshi ramen. Lot's of dried fish go into the soup. Oh, if you want some water, look up.


Also look behind, there is a cool "History of Nagi" poster on the wall.


The New York Times article made it into their history. Very cool.


Every Nagi shop is different, and the niboshi style is definitely something new.


If my slightly blurry photo is any indicator, this was just a so-so bowl. I've always disliked raw onion with my noodles. That is until I ate at nearby Dokkan, which is similar to what I had today, plus lots and lots of fat. It makes a difference, those mounds of pork fat.


But I love that every Nagi shop tries something completely new. And the lunch crowd was strong, so as far as niboshi ramen with tons of raw onions, maybe this spot is up in the top tier.


Congratulations Keizo on a year living the ramen dream. I still remember day 1. As long as I can get another visa next year, here's to another!


*I'm not a religious guy, but anytime someone invites me out to something, I go without a second thought.