Saturday, November 13, 2010

麺屋武蔵 (Menya Musashi in Akihabara)



It had been a while since I visited Akihabara, the electronics district of Tokyo. My time spent there this week was more of a cable adventure than a ramen adventure. The purchase of a new TV meant a new a coaxial antennae cable. That was trip #1. Trip #2 was for long VGA and audio cables to attach my computer to the big screen. The 3rd trip was for another audio cable, since I purchased the wrong one during trip #2. But I wasn't done.

Lucky for me, I didn't have to go out of my way, as my Friday student wanted a bowl. The newest Menya Musashi just happens to be in Akihabara.


Named after Musashi Miyamoto, each Musashi shop, much like each of the famous swordsman's battles, is different. And, as said battles, each bowl is a little unconventional.


Like a 1608 victory with a piece of kindling.


Or his frequent use of his short sword as a thrown weapon.


This shop features Ganryujima ramen, named after, what else, a famous Musashi battle. In this battle, Musashi fought (and won) with a wooden oar.


It's a deep, strong shoyu, topped with bean sprouts and garlic. You can ask for it with a double or triple size stack, but I just went with normal.


The shop is actually more famous for the tsukemen.



After lunch, I took care of my shopping list: a coaxial splitter and an audio cable splitter.


And when I got home, as expected, the cable was the wrong size.


Justin Chicago said...

Lukas and I went here during our trip for the tsukemen. I never knew each store location named their ramen based on famous battles. That is awesome. I hope to try other locations next time.

Yukirat said...

超うまそう。最近バンクーバーでも流行ってるんだよ、豚骨らーめん。でもなかなか美味しいのに出会えないよなあ :3 
My friend is a huge fan of Musashi the historical figure. I really wish I could've taken him to this place.