Monday, November 1, 2010

くわちゃん (Kuwachan in Shimokitazawa)



Halloween brings about it's own brand of adventures. Across from a favorite craft beer bar of mine used to be one of the best shops in town, Spain Bar, which did a lunchtime Iberico ham ramen. The past tense "did" being the point. Now it's a Hiroshima style teppan yaki restaurant.


Although teppan is usually limited to fried meats and vegetables and noodles, inspection of the menu at Kuwachan showed an inexpensive bowl of ramen.


For stateside ramen fans, Benihana is a teppan restaurant.


Great, cheap bowl of noodles. The grilled pork was excellent. And at only 600 yen it was cheaper than half a pint across the street. I would have liked to see a special ramen with more toppings off the teppan.


The menu is full of other options; steaks, yaki soba, okonomiyaki, and even an ice cream dish topped with almonds fried in butter.


Justin Chicago said...

Don't you have a beer blog too? I recall you mentioning it before.

Ramen Adventures said...

I don't have a beer blog. The boozelist is a good spot for Tokyo beer info:

PudgyM29 said...

That's one of Chuwy's English-language blogs. It's a solid one. You should also browse Beer In Japan.
I think the bar you're mentioning here is Ushi Tora (I & II). It's on the 2nd floor across from here? I've been in both wings of Ushi Tora. I think I like the older side better; although the newer side is non-smoking.
Which item on the menu in the 4th picture is the ¥600 ramen?

Ramen Adventures said...

Yes, it's Ushitora.

The middle item is the ramen. It's often written as Chuka soba (中華そば) which means Chinese noodles.