Monday, November 29, 2010

覆麺 (Junk Style at Fukumen in Jimbocho)



In my adventure to find awesome junk-style ramen, I returned to Fukumen, the members only shop that sports some crazy ramen, and equally crazy chefs. And though they were without their wrestling masks this time, the ramen made up for it.


I didn't even read the entire menu item on the ticket machine. As soon as I noticed 食べラー油 I pressed the button. Taberayu is hot on the scene, literally. If you can read the kanji characters, you'll see eat and rayu, hot chili oil. Taberayu is a chunky, often crunchy, spice mix that you can dollop onto anything. Ramen, gyoza, rice; I even spread it on ham and cheese sandwiches.


Fukumen's junk-style had a massive spoon-full of taberayu, pork bits, and potato chips. Although tasty, the thin noodles were tough to eat. They tend to clump together. You can order it with or without soup.


Diluted with a little of the shops signature shoyu soup, it becomes more manageable.

I highly recommend this shop, but try their normal stuff first please.


Unknown said...

今、ズームイン朝で"Ramen Adventures"を見ました。最近ラーメンを食べていないので、これを見て食べたくなりました。いいブログをありがとうございます。
"Ramen Adventures" was seen on now and the zoom Inn morning. It came to want to see this and to eat because it did not eat the ramen recently. Thank you for a good blog.

Anonymous said...

I watched the TV program this morning.
I was interested in and came this blog.
It's very interesting.
Good job!

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks! たくさんラーメンを食べてください!