Sunday, November 21, 2010

麺屋 いろは (Iroha in Mito)

麺屋 いろは


The Ramen Riders tried to visit my friend's #1 choice one Sunday afternoon. Always a skeptic about other's opinions, I was reassured that it was a good shop - when we saw the sign out front stating that they were closed - because the soup was sold out. So we went to another nearby shop, as I didn't really have the time to venture to greener pastures.


Tasted like a bland miso with squirts of Thai Sriracha sauce. Not so good. Save that sweet spice for your pho.


Anonymous said...

They visited Singapore recently

oskar said...

hey Brian, nice to meet you at Speakeasy. Nice blog too, you should maybe include a map of all your finds.



Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks! A google map is in the making.