Wednesday, November 3, 2010

風雲児 (Fuunji in Shinuku)



Fuunji, the lonely adventurer, has been on my list for ages, and I rolled up at 3:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. As someone who often ventures out as a lonely adventurer, I'm no stranger to arriving at a closed shop. Sure enough, Fuunji is closed from 3:00 to 5:00 for preparation.


With a lesson at 6, I had the easy task of killing time in Shinjuku. The downside is that now I want a $5000 3D plasma television.


I went back a little early, with plans of sitting in a nearby park until the shop reopened. Twenty minutes before opening, there were already a dozen people in line. This would expand to almost 30.


No hesitation ordering the tsukemen. How would Fuunji stack up to my favorite shops, TETSU and Rokurinsha?


Bested. This is my new favorite tsukemen shop. It does justice to the massive line and rave reviews.


The soup is layers upon layers of fish flavors. The essence of roasted fish skin gave this the gold for me. I'll be back, if I have the time.