Sunday, October 3, 2010

インフィニのヤサイカライ (Spicy Vegetable at Infinitus Zero in Shinagawa)


I had to return to Infinitus Zero, this time to try out their signature dish, Yasai Karai.


The dollop of homemade spice mix...


Sits nicely with some vegetables.


Infinitus is all about the tare, which is a bit sweet from being made with beef bones. Imagine a nice, thick stew and you're on the right track.


This place would be even better if it wasn't out in Nakanobu. There's not a lot going on there, and unless you have business there (I teach nearby once a week) you might not find it so convenient.


Justin Chicago said...

That is an interesting name for a Ramen-ya. The bowl looks delicious. Did it have a good kick from the spice?

Ramen Adventures said...

The spice was really good here.