Tuesday, October 26, 2010

六代目けいすけ (Rokudaime Keisuke in Ueno)

魁 肉盛りつけ麺 六代目けいすけ


Another lunch lesson and another ramen adventure. My student gave me a range of stations, and Ueno happened to be within that area. And a new Keisuke shop had recently opened in that area. It was a no brainer!


I'm a huge fan of this Keisuke character. Speaking of characters.


If you've followed this site for a while, you know the deal. But if you are a recent visitor (thank you CNN!), I'll update. Keisuke is a classically trained French chef. But his love for Japanese ramen motivated him to open a great little miso shop. After a huge success, the next shop opened. But instead of another branch serving the same great ramen, the soup at Keisuke Nidaime was a completely different shrimp stock. This was followed by a lobster tsukemen shop and a very strong meat and shoyu style. October brings us his 6th.


Flat fettuccine style noodles topped with stir fried pork. The instructional comic recommends eating some as is. It has a Chinese taste, I think they use a bit of ginger in the sweet sauce.


The soup is very vinegary. Very Chinese.


I skipped the mayonnaise step and went straight to the curry powder.


Don't forget to add some owari soup to the strong broth at the end.


One bowl, 5 tastes. I noticed you could get cheese as a topping. Even though I didn't have that, I think it would be in your best interest to go for it.


This shop is very near the exit of the Skyliner, the express train from Narita airport into Tokyo. So, travelers, why not make this your first stop? You could also walk another couple minutes to the excellent Daiki, for a more traditional style bowl.


PudgyM29 said...

This was not there back in April, correct? OK.
Because is it across the street from a Don Quijote? In particular, a Don Quijote where I have done well shopping for {ahem} shrink-wrapped bundles of 'cut-out' DVDs (of a certain genré)? :P
I think you should encourage those who will, or who have, shopped at that Donki, to visit here.
As far as train fare: You can completely cheap-it-out and take the Keisei Limited Express from NRT for a mere ¥1,000. The new Narita Sky Access Ltd Exp is ¥1,200.
The ultra-fast new Skyliner costs double that. I think you should save the money, expend the time, and with that saved money, eat here.

Ramen Adventures said...

That's right, it's a new shop.