Monday, October 4, 2010

無尽蔵 (Mujinzo in Hanno)



After a bit of a flower adventure,


I asked my friend, who lives in the countryside city of Hanno, where the best ramen in town is. A survey of a few options led to Mujinzo, which means never ending supply. The spot was known, to my friend, as the shop she really wanted to go to all the time but was always closed when she arrived.


So of course they were still prepping when we arrived.


Luckily, this view only had to be dealt with for about 15 minutes.


No, the never ending supply ramen isn't an all you can eat noodle fest, but rather a fish heavy soup, with a lot of good Hokkaido kelp in the mix.

Usually, this type of soup goes great with tsukemen, but tends to be a bit thick for regular ramen.


Not the case at Mujinzo. The soup was just thin enough to be drunk to the bottom. Although the fish was the main attraction, lots of vegetables and even some yuzu citrus are in the mix here. Very nice.


As I didn't have to teach after my bowl, I loaded this ramen with fried garlic chips and some vinegar.

It's always good to know that even an hour out of the city, there are some great shops.