Saturday, October 23, 2010

JUNK ラハメン (Junk Ramen at Rahmen Yamen)

ラハメン ヤマン


With the discovery of junk style ramen at Junk Garage and Infinitus, I feel like I can't pass up anything even remotely related. I remember seeing a sign for JUNK RAHMEN TSUKEMEN at Rahmen Yahmen a while back. I didn't have any big ramen adventures planned for one lazy Friday afternoon, and since I teach near there, I decided to check it off my list.


You never really know with junk style. The noodles were completely normal.


But the soup was very junk. It tasted like melted butter, probably because of the saucer of melted butter that they dumped in. Other than that, expect tons of garlic.


I can't recommend it, since I felt ill after eating.

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