Thursday, October 7, 2010

十兵衛 (Jube in Sugamo)



I have a new GPS navigation system for my motorcycle, and it features a ramen database hidden deep within the Japanese menu. It also has an extremely short battery life, so my navi guided ramen adventures will have to wait until I can wire it up properly. Disheartened, I returned to Sengoku, the district in Tokyo where I live.


Jube is a few minutes walk for me, and I had always wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, the excellent Sengoku Jiman is within stone's throw, and I always end up there.


Jube is a straight forward tonkotsu. Creamy soup. Thin noodles. Normal, but excellent.


Sengoku is not a well known area, but it's great to know that I have about 5 excellent shops in sight of where I sleep. With a bicycle, that number increases ten fold. With the train, it's countless.

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