Wednesday, October 20, 2010

道玄 (Dogen in Takadanobaba)

オーガニック・ラーメン 道玄


With the latest ramen magazine in hand, I headed out. There is a great English bookstore in Takadanobaba that buys and sells used books, and I made my annual book adventure, with about 20 read books in hand. After lugging that much weight around town, I needed to replenish. Of course I would be eating ramen, and what better to replenish lost protein then a soup made with organic beef bones.


Dogen hails from Tottori Prefecture, far out in the West of Japan. I've traveled almost everywhere in this country, but I've never been to Tottori. It's that far out in the middle of nowhere. Someday.


The shoyu is simple and beefy. It tastes almost like a kicked up version of beef broth. It won't win any shoyu ramen competitions, but if you want to try something a little different, check this one out.


A classy bottle of water.


That began life as a bottle of organic shochu alcohol. You can have a glass for 300 yen if you want. I wanted to, but I never drink before work. And I had to work.


Not only alcohol, but there is a whole table of local Tottori goods for sale. I wonder if the spices are good in ramen.

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