Tuesday, September 14, 2010

清勝丸 (Seishomaru in Kyodo)



Keizo and I headed out west (west of me, south of he) to check out the site of Ivan's new shop. This place is going to be great. Stay tuned, I'll be there as close to opening day as I can. By the way, this shop looks about 4 times the size of the original.


On the other side of the station, Seishomaru comes recommended from one or another internet and/or magazine rankings.


But don't always believe what you read online (unless it's this site).


You can add some packs of garlic for stamina. I really love a lot of garlic in my ramen, but unfortunately, I am usually on my way to teach someone, and would probably see my student count drop if I came with a few cloves on my breath.


The miso tsukemen had some nice noodles.


But the soup was boring and thin. Not what I want in tsukemen.


Keizo had the ramen. And, sure enough, his soup was too thick. A mix-up in the back? We both agreed that we ordered the wrong thing. Maybe the regular tsukemen would be ok.

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Al said...

Garlic equals stamina? I always thought an egg equaled stamina.