Thursday, September 23, 2010

ど・みそ (Do Miso in Ginza)

らーめんダイニング ど・みそ


One of my adult students wanted to join me on my ramen adventure of the day, and I just happened to have one of my favorite ramen guide books with me. Despite being aimed at the opposite sex, Girl's Ramen Club never fails to disappoint. The maps are easy to read, the photos beautiful, and the choice of ramen is impressive.


Do re mi fa so la ti do! Do Miso is located just at the end of Ginza's fashionable main shopping street. You can easily find a watch or necklace costing more than 10,000 bowls of ramen. Maybe that's your thing. My thing is the later.


Do Miso sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. As soon as I saw the towel hanging in back, I remembered. They were one of the participants in a recent ramen festival. Actually, it wasn't so good at the event, and most bowls went unfinished. The problem was the spice. It was just too much for the average person. Fear not, you can choose your level, from regular to fire. I played it safe, with the futsu, regular, spicy miso ramen.


Good choice! It was very hot none the less. If you don't love spice, avoid this one.


My student went with the regular miso ramen. He said it was one of the best bowls of miso he'd ever had.


All in all a great bowl. Kikanbou in nearby Kanda rates a little higher for me on the spicy miso chart, but maybe this is a close second.


This ramen would be excellent with a beer or two, but for a couple of guys on our lunch break, that's not an option.


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