Monday, August 9, 2010

鶏の穴 (Torinoana in Ikebukuro)



Roughly translating to "Chicken's Hole", Torinoana was on my list for a long time. I adventured out with a new ramen friend I met at my recent kid's summer camp. No, I'm not hanging out, slurping noodles with 4 year olds. With the recent departure of Daniel, and the upcoming departure of Nate, I'm in need of new ramen friends!


It's ramen time!


The soup here is a thick chicken broth, very potage like. Very excellent. Very chicken-y. 2 kinds of chicken meat and an egg. I often have a problem with too much chicken oil, but it was fine here.


The spicy bowl adds just a little kick, nothing major. Flip a coin, you'll be fine with either.


"May the slurp be with you"

It took my 5 minutes to think of that. I'm not happy with myself. Give me a minute...

"You are part of the ramen alliance, and a noodler!"

You do better! Moving on...


A cold summer bowl looks appealing. Umeboshi and fresh shiso leaf. It will be gone at the end of August though.


By the way, if you bring your own chopsticks, you get a free topping.